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Agape Online Terms of Use

Your profile text and messages to other members should not include vulgarities or be disrespectful in nature. If you post a profile or send messages that include vulgarities or are disrespectful in nature, we reserve the right to remove your profile from Agape Online. Agape Online also reserves the right to review your messages if we receive a complaint from other Agape Online members. Agape Online members are not allowed to solicit other members for business purposes.

All member photos will be reviewed by Agape Online before shown on the site. Photos should show the person fully clothed. Group photos are discouraged unless it is obvious who the member is in the photo.

By registering with Agape Online, you are testifying that you are at least 18 years of age and you understand that all the information and photos you submit to Agape Online will be made public except for your name, email address, and password as entered on the registration screen. Your user name, profile selections, profile text, and photos will be displayed on the Internet. Agape Online does not screen its members and by registering with Agape Online, you agree and understand Agape Online and its owner have no liability in connection with your use of Agape Online services.